Could Vinnie’s “Finally Over” be counted as One of the Best Stories on Episode??

I just finished reading the fourth chapter of Finally Over, and I have to say I’m impressed. Vinnie is fairly new to Episode, and after the last few new author reads I had done, I expected her story to be a disaster. I was pleasantly surprised.

Vinnie’s story follows a girl named Vanessa. At the opening of the story, it appears Vanessa has just gotten out of a bad relationship, but we are held in suspense as Vinnie teleports us back to Vanessa’s past. Our main character is insecure but desperate to find love.

Vanessa Being her Awkward Self

She puts herself out there after encouraged by her friends and is shot down again and again. So far there are only four chapters available, but I’m really hoping Vanessa finds someone who can appreciate her.

Marie Encourages Vanessa to Put herself out there

Best Elements

Vinnie’s story telling is engaging. She spends time developing the characters and makes sure you know who her characters are before adding new ones.

Vinnie’s Characters

If you’re unfamiliar with Episode, you should know that the best stories on Episode actually act out scenes rather than just having chat boxes. Vinnie does a great job of implementing this in her story, and the acting comes across naturally rather than looking awkward, as is sometimes the case. Finally, I really felt connected to the main character. She’s an everyday girl looking for love…someone that most readers understand.


The Drawbacks

There are a few minor errors in grammar. I’m not sure most would even notice them…I just happen to be a teacher.

Do you mean was?

There was also one scene where something seemed to go wrong with the coding. I was given the opportunity to change Vanessa’s outfit, and for some reason, she’s squatting down rather than standing to display the outfit.

What is she doing?

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Vinnie’s story is easy to follow, engaging, and fun to play. There aren’t a lot of gem choices that leave you wondering if you can only get a good story outcome if you spend money. The story is well-edited and even though there are still a few minor errors, I know that Vinnie is looking into them. I don’t know if I would say it’s one of the best stories on Episode, but I will say it’s one of my top two favorites by new authors. If you’re interested in finding her story, you can search for it in the Episode library, or follow her on Instagram to get a direct link using the icon below. Happy reading!