Do Soaps Make Good Episode Stories?

I just finished reading the fourth chapter of I Will Always Remember You by Nefeli D. The story follows Adrianna who’s sister, Grace, has gone missing. Adrianna’s grief causes her to lose her job, forcing her to find something new.


It’s at her first job where Adrianna officially meets Philip. She recognizes him immediately as her sister’s ex, but with her sister out of the picture, Adrianna has trouble resisting Philip’s charm.


We find out early in the story that Philip has something to do with Adrianna’s disappearance. As a reader I found myself questioning whether he could really be involved because he does seem so charming. Even his thoughts about Adrianna show that he has nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately, his true colors begin to show.

Best Parts

I enjoyed reading this story. From chapter one I was quickly drawn in to the drama and wanted to know where Grace was and if she would be okay. The character development was spot on. If Philip had seemed evil from the beginning it wouldn’t have been realistic for Adrianna and Grace to have fallen for him. We also see Adrianna struggle with her feelings for him especially after Stella, Philip’s current girlfriend, shows up.


Areas for Improvement

I have never really been a huge fan of soap operas because the plot lines are often a bit far fetched. There were times when I was reading if I wondered if this was one of the good episode stories or not. In the end though, Nefeli won me over and I had to talk about her story on my blog.

I also noticed that some of the dialogue was a bit awkward. While most of it was well edited there were a few lines here and there that made me wonder if Nefeli’s first language isn’t English. If it’s not more power to her because it’s almost unnoticeable. As a teacher I know how hard it can be for English Language Learners to master writing and she really impressed me.

The Bottom Line

Good Episode stories are always a little like a soap opera. At the end of the day, when you’re reading on Episode you’re looking for something cheesy and maybe even a bit over the top. Nefeli manages to do this without going too far out into left field. I really enjoyed this story and recommend it to my readers. If you would like to show your support for Nefeli follow her on Instagram using the link below and be sure to check out her bio for a link to I Will Always Remember You.