Coding Will be the Death of Me

I had so much fun writing Change. Once I had the idea in my head the words just flowed. The way I see it I’m still writing it. I’ve gone over the story at least a hundred times cleaning up grammatical errors, adding commas, improving dialogue, but my word count still isn’t quite where I want it.

When I decided to convert my story into an Episode rather than trying to publish I didn’t have any idea how hard it would be. There’s so much more involved than I imagined. I figured I’d get my story on there, people would read it, and all would be well in the world. NOPE!

While I’ve hit a few roadblocks I think the biggest obstacle in my path is the coding part. I did HTML sometime in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, but Donacode is something else entirely. While I applaud the creators of Episode for creating their own code the issue I have with that is there aren’t any books. I grew up with books and the internet. I love the internet. My BOOK is on the internet…but….having walked in both worlds I know that sometimes it’s easier to get a book, a pen, and a highlighter and sit down to study.

Nonetheless I’m still pressing forward. I spent a good amount of time last night recoding chapter 1. I also added to my novel draft to build my word count. I’m hoping to have an update posted to the app sometime next week. A big shout out to @vinniewrites_ who has given me some additional resources to look at for coding. She also suggested some alternatives where I wouldn’t be coding as much, but that feels too much like giving up and that’s just not my style. Happy writing everyone!