My Three Wishes is a Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Odessa’s story gives us a lot to be excited about without going over the top. Our MC is Morgan, a girl who has been through the ringer. Her parents are gone…she’s in foster care and on top of that she has to deal with Stacy at work. Everything seems to be going wrong in her life until Connor shows up.

Connor coming to Morgan’s rescue

Connor is Morgan’s long lost friend. He’s two parts boy next door and one part Prince Charming. Morgan is definitely your classic damsel in distress. However, Morgan is resourceful not some helpless victim. She stands up for herself, gets herself a job, and does her best in school.

Morgan’s foster mom isn’t…the greatest person. She’s a modern day version of the wicked stepmother trope without being so over the top it seems like she walked out of a fairy tale. Her foster dad seems to be a decent guy and encourages his wife not to be so awful…not that it helps much. The worst part is that Morgan blames herself for how her foster family treats her. Whatever mistakes Morgan made in the past is no reason to kick someone when they’re clearly down.

The Evil Foster Mom

While I’ve only read three Episodes so far there are currently 11 available on the app. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it. Keep going Odessa!

The Best Parts

Odessa’s characters have rich backstories. She even has parts where you can ask the characters questions and learn more about who they are which is pretty neat. They’re realistic and remind me of people I’ve actually met.

The Reunion

The first chapter draws you in to the story. You actually get to see a bit about where Morgan’s life went so wrong. Within minutes of opening the story you’re already wanting to know what happens next.

Odessa uses a lot of extras. On Episode it’s easy to just have your main characters and not code any one else. All those extras take work! Well Odessa puts in the work and it makes for more realistic scenes and a movie-like feel.


I usually have a hard time with this section, but I found this especially true of My Three Wishes. However, there is a part at the end of chapter 2 where Morgan refers to Connor as being a “big part” of her life. I felt that was a little too quick on the draw considering he only just entered it again after not seeing her since children.

I spoke with the author and she explained her creative choice. Given where Morgan is in her life it’s not that strange that she would feel an instant connection with someone from her past. Connor knew her before her life fell apart. In a way he almost represent Morgan’s past. I’m interested to see where Odessa goes with this.

The Bottom Line

Odessa is clearly a talented writer who is able to realistically portray someone going through a rough time. She’s clearly put a lot of time and effort into her Episode and I know I can’t wait to get back to it. Make sure to follow Odessa using the link below and check her bio for a link to her story.

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