What’s Eating Liam?


I’ve just posted some updates to Change Everlasting including a new chapter. I’m really excited that the coding is starting to flow more easily and I am already almost done with chapter 5! I’m hoping to post a new update next Saturday as well.

Changes to the First 3 Chapters

While I did update these chapters they are primarily coding changes. There are some more opportunities to score points with Liam (both gem and non-gem choices), but mostly I just changed the zoom, focus, music, etc. If you’ve already read these chapters there’s no need to go back.

Chapter 4

What can we expect from chapter 4? Well things between Lyla and Liam are changing. We see a lot more flirting, but Liam still hasn’t made a move! Why? He’s also acting weird…what’s up with that? Find out all this and more by reading my story using this link. Happy Reading!