When you write an Episode you aren’t just a writer. You’re a special effects designer, a cinematographer, a set designer, a director, etc. In a way it’s like making a little movie with a crew of one. While Episode Interactive does offer an Art Catalog it’s by no means the only source of artwork available to writers. To help out I’ve compiled a list of my favorite art resources that I used when making my story.

Episode Interactive Forums

The forums are basically a one-stop shop for Episode writers and fans. You can find all kinds of resources and support here. Writers share art they have used in the past (hopefully with proper credit given) and artists share their creations. The best place to start when looking for art is to check out the Art and Animations category. If your rank on the forums is high enough you can even put out a post requesting what you’re looking for specifically. It’s a good place to start

Episode Life

Although this site isn’t as active as it was a few years ago, there are still a good number of backgrounds and overlays available on the site. All art showcased here is credited appropriately and is available for use on Episode.


This is my new favorite place to look for clip art, backgrounds, overlays, etc. Freepik has thousands of free images that individuals can use as long as they don’t try to claim the artwork as their own or use it for anything illegal. Some artwork does have a price tag, but most is free to use. I actually found this resource when browsing the Episode Interactive forums.


While not an actual source of art, this resource seriously comes in handy. If you are creating an overlay and you want to remove part of the image you can use removebg to clean it up. You can even remove parts of overlays that you don’t want that aren’t technically in the background.


Want to use an image, but it’s not in the right format for Episode? CloudConvert allows you to change EPS, PDF, PSD and so many more into PNG images that you can use on Episode. Sometimes this means you’ll need to remove a background even if it didn’t have one before the conversion, but that’s okay we already have a tool for that.


Sometimes you have the right format, the right image, but it’s just too big for Episode to accept. This is where TinyPNG comes in handy. It compresses images to a smaller size for free. I’ve had to run some images through it twice, but in the end I was able to get what I wanted onto Episode.


Sometimes you find overlays you love, but they look too much like the real world. I mean they’re great, but when your cartoon is lying under a real blanket it disrupts the illusion. Or maybe you want to take pictures of things in your world and add them to your story. Cartoonize makes this possible. They only have a few limited options for free, but often these are enough to get the job done. If you are cartoonizing someone else’s art please make sure you still give them credit!!

Have some more resources you use? Feel free to leave a comment below and I may include them in my next article. Want more resources for coding Episodes? Subscribe to my blog using the form below or follow me on Instagram. Happy writing!