Stop Everything You’re Doing and READ THIS STORY

Ariella and the ACE of Spades

Covid got you down? Looking to escape this world? Let Queen of Spades take you to the magical world of Cardonia where a divided world has just met their match.

Ariella, our MC, is the Princess of Hearts. She’s brave, bold, and beautiful. Ariella gives us the best of what we want to see in female characters. She’s smart enough to know what’s good for her, but still not afraid to face a fight if she has to.


Everything in this world is based on a standard deck of playing cards. It might sound silly, but it works. Our author has really put her whole heart (pun intended) into creating this magical world for us. There’s danger, adventure, and of course romance. I’m in love.

Queen Alara at Lake Solitaire

Now of course all stories have their pros and cons. This story, in its current form, has some coding issues. Sometimes characters “pop” into the scene or float. I imagine the author is new to Donacode, like myself, and is still getting used to it. I’m sure with more practice we’ll see a reboot of the story with less errors.

I’m telling you guys, this story is one to read. I’ve already shared it with my friends and family. I can’t wait to see more. If you’re reading this stories_by_lj, don’t stop. You’ve got an amazing writing career ahead of you.

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