Trinity here! As promised you can get all the details on my story updates here. There are a lot so I’ve broken them down chapter by chapter below. If you’re only interested in the Scavenger Hunt you can scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Chapter 1

For starters, I have new backgrounds designed by the wonderful FlowerGriefer. These backgrounds make it easier to place my characters in the scenes and have them interact with their environment. I’ve also added additional scenes to unlock. I’ve also made some changes to gem choices. Rather than having apologizing to Liam (if you upset him) a choice I went ahead and made getting a birthday cake a choice. As always, these don’t have a huge bearing on the story, but they do unlock additional scenes and earn bonus points with Liam. I also added more scenes with Rose’s perspective as well as a bit more background on each of the characters.

Chapter 2

There are also some new scenes and overlays here as well. I’ve coded the game of pool. Winning the game (which I’ve made very easy) unlocks a bonus scene. To play the new game you do need to pay gems (I put days of work into it). I’ve also updated Lyla’s closet with more outfits (both gem and free) using Dara Amarie’s guide. I also merged this chapter with chapter 3 as they were both too short and I wanted to give you your money’s worth with your tickets.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is now what was previously chapters 4 and 5. All backgrounds are updated. In this chapter I’ve also added more content to help you get to know the characters better and allow for more choices (gem and no gem).

Chapters 4-6

I am still working on these chapters. All of this will be story not previously seen in other chapters. Yes…due to my merging of chapters you should expect to see THREE chapters of unread content. This will also include a gem choice that allows you to unlock a special trip to Greece with Rose and …sorry can’t say…spoilers.

Scavenger Hunt

In order to participate in the scavenger hunt you will need to go through all of the chapters in Change Everlasting. The list of required screenshots will be posted next Saturday here and on Instagram. I may also post it on the forums if that’s allowed. The first 3 people to complete the scavenger hunt will get a cash prize! Happy hunting!

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