What’s the Opposite of Change? Inertia!

What’s the Opposite of Change? Inertia!

Given my story is called “Change,” I found the title of Julianna’s story Inertia intriguing. Inertia is defined as a tendency to stay the same unless acted on by an outside force. Given that Inertia is a college story, I’m interested to see how this plays out.

College Life!

Inertia is one of the most relatable stories I’ve read. There’s the crazy roommate, the dreaded group project, and that one professor who doesn’t give any slack to first-year students.

Our main character is Mia. She’s a bit awkward at times, but that doesn’t mean she’s a doormat! She stands up for herself and knows what she does and doesn’t want. Honestly, she impressed me. She’s brave, assertive, and stands up for her rights. You go, girl!

The main love interest, Ace, comes across as a stereotypical frat boy. Despite Mia shutting him down time after time, the pick-up lines, flirting, and inappropriate behavior don’t stop. I almost wanted to hate him, but Julianna does a great job showing her readers that he’s actually more insecure than he seems. He feels terrible for pushing her away and doesn’t seem to recognize that his actions upset her.

I can’t wait to see where this goes. I’m hoping Ace will come to his senses and treat Mia with the respect she deserves. I’d also really like to see him open up about his insecurities so she can see what I do. In the end, we’re all human and make mistakes. The important thing is to avoid Inertia and continue to grow.

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Scorn Heir is ???

Scorn Heir is ???

I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe this story. It has everything. A great story. Engaging characters. Great coding. Cinematography. MINI GAMES. This one goes WAY up on my list of recommended Episodes. 

The Story

Scorn Heir is 2 parts Princess Diaries and 1 part pure magic. You play as Raina, an orphan who is about to find out that she is the only heir to the throne (or is she?). After the queen’s sister goes on a killing spree, you are the kingdom’s only hope. Layered in are subplots surrounding Raina’s magical abilities, her best friend’s terrible parents, and of course, a love story with your choice of 5 love interests. 

Your best friend is Chasity who is a bit of a rebel. You can’t really blame her, though. Besides having some personal trauma and absolutely horrible parents, she also can see ghosts. This comes in handy sometimes, but also is a constant source of discomfort for Chasity as seeing the dead is not always fun. 

Gamer’s Delight

At the end of the day, Episode is a game app. It’s not like Wattpad or Kindle where you just read stories. You interact with them and work towards a good ending. Line takes this to another level by adding various games where you have to collect items quickly or find things that are hidden. It adds to the game-like nature of Episode in a fun way.

You also can gain points with various characters to unlock specific scenes and choices. If you can’t gain enough points, Line offers you the option to unlock choices for only 5 gems. I’ve personally shelved the story until payday because I made some bad choices, (hey, how was I supposed to know Manu wasn’t a creeper??) and I really want to see all the story has to offer. 

The Author

I think what intrigued me most about this story is that the author is not only not a native English speaker, but she has a disability that impacts her writing. Of course, you’d never know this by reading Scorn Heir. Line took the time to run her story through Grammarly and later have it edited by a native English speaker. The result is incredible. 

I’m really excited to finish reading this story. It’s definitely earned a spot on my favorite’s list. If you want to check it out you can find it here. Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram. She has some other great stories in the works and you don’t want to miss out!

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What is going on???

What is going on??

That’s the question I found myself asking within minutes of starting “See the Light” by @jcwhisper.writes…and not in a bad way by any means. JC’s story opens with our MC, Raven, in what appears to be an alternate dimension. It’s almost like the world she knows, but with less people…and not all of them have faces. No one seems to know who she is and there’s no sign she ever existed.


JC uses figurative language paired with a formal writing style that makes this story hard to put down. While I did notice a couple typos, on the whole it’s a masterpiece. Check out the screenshot below to see what I mean.

Pure Poetry

JC’s story hosts a wide range of characters rather than just focusing on the MC and her LI. This is something that I look for in stories. I mean let’s face it. We all have other people in our lives besides our SO (if we even have one). A good story needs to have well-rounded characters that help to drive the plot.

One thing I noticed is that the chapters are fairly short. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on what kind of reader you are. Personally, I like to have a nice long chapter, especially when I’m spending tickets. However, I can also see the benefit in being able to get through chapters quickly.

I also am seriously dying for more interaction with a LO. While it seems there are a few potentials, there hasn’t been any action in the romance sense by the end of chapter 4. Although, I do respect JC’s creative decision in this area. I like love stories to develop slowly so they’re more realistic. It’s something I do in my own writing as well, but often in Episodes we get into a romance so quickly that I guess I’m a bit spoiled.

All in all a great read and I highly recommend you check it out. You can find a link to it on JC’s Instagram which you can find by using the link below. Be sure to give her a like and subscribe if you enjoyed her story as much as I did. Happy reading!

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Stop Everything You’re Doing and READ THIS STORY

Stop Everything You’re Doing and READ THIS STORY

Ariella and the ACE of Spades

Covid got you down? Looking to escape this world? Let Queen of Spades take you to the magical world of Cardonia where a divided world has just met their match.

Ariella, our MC, is the Princess of Hearts. She’s brave, bold, and beautiful. Ariella gives us the best of what we want to see in female characters. She’s smart enough to know what’s good for her, but still not afraid to face a fight if she has to.


Everything in this world is based on a standard deck of playing cards. It might sound silly, but it works. Our author has really put her whole heart (pun intended) into creating this magical world for us. There’s danger, adventure, and of course romance. I’m in love.

Queen Alara at Lake Solitaire

Now of course all stories have their pros and cons. This story, in its current form, has some coding issues. Sometimes characters “pop” into the scene or float. I imagine the author is new to Donacode, like myself, and is still getting used to it. I’m sure with more practice we’ll see a reboot of the story with less errors.

I’m telling you guys, this story is one to read. I’ve already shared it with my friends and family. I can’t wait to see more. If you’re reading this stories_by_lj, don’t stop. You’ve got an amazing writing career ahead of you.

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My Three Wishes is a Modern-Day Fairy Tale

My Three Wishes is a Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Odessa’s story gives us a lot to be excited about without going over the top. Our MC is Morgan, a girl who has been through the ringer. Her parents are gone…she’s in foster care and on top of that she has to deal with Stacy at work. Everything seems to be going wrong in her life until Connor shows up.

Connor coming to Morgan’s rescue

Connor is Morgan’s long lost friend. He’s two parts boy next door and one part Prince Charming. Morgan is definitely your classic damsel in distress. However, Morgan is resourceful not some helpless victim. She stands up for herself, gets herself a job, and does her best in school.

Morgan’s foster mom isn’t…the greatest person. She’s a modern day version of the wicked stepmother trope without being so over the top it seems like she walked out of a fairy tale. Her foster dad seems to be a decent guy and encourages his wife not to be so awful…not that it helps much. The worst part is that Morgan blames herself for how her foster family treats her. Whatever mistakes Morgan made in the past is no reason to kick someone when they’re clearly down.

The Evil Foster Mom

While I’ve only read three Episodes so far there are currently 11 available on the app. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it. Keep going Odessa!

The Best Parts

Odessa’s characters have rich backstories. She even has parts where you can ask the characters questions and learn more about who they are which is pretty neat. They’re realistic and remind me of people I’ve actually met.

The Reunion

The first chapter draws you in to the story. You actually get to see a bit about where Morgan’s life went so wrong. Within minutes of opening the story you’re already wanting to know what happens next.

Odessa uses a lot of extras. On Episode it’s easy to just have your main characters and not code any one else. All those extras take work! Well Odessa puts in the work and it makes for more realistic scenes and a movie-like feel.


I usually have a hard time with this section, but I found this especially true of My Three Wishes. However, there is a part at the end of chapter 2 where Morgan refers to Connor as being a “big part” of her life. I felt that was a little too quick on the draw considering he only just entered it again after not seeing her since children.

I spoke with the author and she explained her creative choice. Given where Morgan is in her life it’s not that strange that she would feel an instant connection with someone from her past. Connor knew her before her life fell apart. In a way he almost represent Morgan’s past. I’m interested to see where Odessa goes with this.

The Bottom Line

Odessa is clearly a talented writer who is able to realistically portray someone going through a rough time. She’s clearly put a lot of time and effort into her Episode and I know I can’t wait to get back to it. Make sure to follow Odessa using the link below and check her bio for a link to her story.

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Do Soaps Make Good Episode Stories?

Do Soaps Make Good Episode Stories?

I just finished reading the fourth chapter of I Will Always Remember You by Nefeli D. The story follows Adrianna who’s sister, Grace, has gone missing. Adrianna’s grief causes her to lose her job, forcing her to find something new.


It’s at her first job where Adrianna officially meets Philip. She recognizes him immediately as her sister’s ex, but with her sister out of the picture, Adrianna has trouble resisting Philip’s charm.


We find out early in the story that Philip has something to do with Adrianna’s disappearance. As a reader I found myself questioning whether he could really be involved because he does seem so charming. Even his thoughts about Adrianna show that he has nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately, his true colors begin to show.

Best Parts

I enjoyed reading this story. From chapter one I was quickly drawn in to the drama and wanted to know where Grace was and if she would be okay. The character development was spot on. If Philip had seemed evil from the beginning it wouldn’t have been realistic for Adrianna and Grace to have fallen for him. We also see Adrianna struggle with her feelings for him especially after Stella, Philip’s current girlfriend, shows up.


Areas for Improvement

I have never really been a huge fan of soap operas because the plot lines are often a bit far fetched. There were times when I was reading if I wondered if this was one of the good episode stories or not. In the end though, Nefeli won me over and I had to talk about her story on my blog.

I also noticed that some of the dialogue was a bit awkward. While most of it was well edited there were a few lines here and there that made me wonder if Nefeli’s first language isn’t English. If it’s not more power to her because it’s almost unnoticeable. As a teacher I know how hard it can be for English Language Learners to master writing and she really impressed me.

The Bottom Line

Good Episode stories are always a little like a soap opera. At the end of the day, when you’re reading on Episode you’re looking for something cheesy and maybe even a bit over the top. Nefeli manages to do this without going too far out into left field. I really enjoyed this story and recommend it to my readers. If you would like to show your support for Nefeli follow her on Instagram using the link below and be sure to check out her bio for a link to I Will Always Remember You.

Could Vinnie’s “Finally Over” be counted as One of the Best Stories on Episode??

Could Vinnie’s “Finally Over” be counted as One of the Best Stories on Episode??

I just finished reading the fourth chapter of Finally Over, and I have to say I’m impressed. Vinnie is fairly new to Episode, and after the last few new author reads I had done, I expected her story to be a disaster. I was pleasantly surprised.

Vinnie’s story follows a girl named Vanessa. At the opening of the story, it appears Vanessa has just gotten out of a bad relationship, but we are held in suspense as Vinnie teleports us back to Vanessa’s past. Our main character is insecure but desperate to find love.

Vanessa Being her Awkward Self

She puts herself out there after encouraged by her friends and is shot down again and again. So far there are only four chapters available, but I’m really hoping Vanessa finds someone who can appreciate her.

Marie Encourages Vanessa to Put herself out there

Best Elements

Vinnie’s story telling is engaging. She spends time developing the characters and makes sure you know who her characters are before adding new ones.

Vinnie’s Characters

If you’re unfamiliar with Episode, you should know that the best stories on Episode actually act out scenes rather than just having chat boxes. Vinnie does a great job of implementing this in her story, and the acting comes across naturally rather than looking awkward, as is sometimes the case. Finally, I really felt connected to the main character. She’s an everyday girl looking for love…someone that most readers understand.


The Drawbacks

There are a few minor errors in grammar. I’m not sure most would even notice them…I just happen to be a teacher.

Do you mean was?

There was also one scene where something seemed to go wrong with the coding. I was given the opportunity to change Vanessa’s outfit, and for some reason, she’s squatting down rather than standing to display the outfit.

What is she doing?

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Vinnie’s story is easy to follow, engaging, and fun to play. There aren’t a lot of gem choices that leave you wondering if you can only get a good story outcome if you spend money. The story is well-edited and even though there are still a few minor errors, I know that Vinnie is looking into them. I don’t know if I would say it’s one of the best stories on Episode, but I will say it’s one of my top two favorites by new authors. If you’re interested in finding her story, you can search for it in the Episode library, or follow her on Instagram to get a direct link using the icon below. Happy reading!