Storic is Moving!

Storic is Moving!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Storic is officially getting its own blog. When I first started I didn’t think it would grow so fast! Today marks 500 views! I’m so thrilled to have all of your support. While I will continue to post my posts here (Story Updates and Episode Reviews), the Storic Blog will be moving to

I had always planned to separate the two, but at the time I wanted to see how things went before purchasing a second domain. Storic will continue to provide the same content, it will just be on a new platform. I will also keep my older posts here so any links that exist between posts don’t get confusing. However, I will also be porting posts to the new blog today. As always, Happy writing!

What’s the Opposite of Change? Inertia!

What’s the Opposite of Change? Inertia!

Given my story is called “Change,” I found the title of Julianna’s story Inertia intriguing. Inertia is defined as a tendency to stay the same unless acted on by an outside force. Given that Inertia is a college story, I’m interested to see how this plays out.

College Life!

Inertia is one of the most relatable stories I’ve read. There’s the crazy roommate, the dreaded group project, and that one professor who doesn’t give any slack to first-year students.

Our main character is Mia. She’s a bit awkward at times, but that doesn’t mean she’s a doormat! She stands up for herself and knows what she does and doesn’t want. Honestly, she impressed me. She’s brave, assertive, and stands up for her rights. You go, girl!

The main love interest, Ace, comes across as a stereotypical frat boy. Despite Mia shutting him down time after time, the pick-up lines, flirting, and inappropriate behavior don’t stop. I almost wanted to hate him, but Julianna does a great job showing her readers that he’s actually more insecure than he seems. He feels terrible for pushing her away and doesn’t seem to recognize that his actions upset her.

I can’t wait to see where this goes. I’m hoping Ace will come to his senses and treat Mia with the respect she deserves. I’d also really like to see him open up about his insecurities so she can see what I do. In the end, we’re all human and make mistakes. The important thing is to avoid Inertia and continue to grow.

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Introducing Our New Editor

Introducing Our New Editor!

Today I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled content to introduce my sister, the grammar Nazi herself, MadamTatas. She has decided to join the Storic team to help with editing and share editing tips with our readers.

Why MadamTatas? I actually called my sister “Tata” as a child as it’s part of her name. Of course at the time we didn’t recognize the double entendre and had no idea how well that name would fit her later on. Her mother-in-law also refers to her as “Tata”.

MadamTatas is very detailed when it comes to her editing. While I can help with the basics she knows every comma rule, every grammar rule, and yes…she hold me to them. My excessive use of “…” makes her crazy, but I insist on using it much to her despair.

I’m very excited to have her on the team, not only to help strengthen my writing, but to help all of you as well. She will be posting editing tips every Tuesday. She may also be willing to offer editing help on your story if you reach out.

Please take a moment to welcome her to the team by visiting her on Instagram. You can also check out her story, The Unmarked, which is now available on Wattpad. As always happy reading, happy writing!

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The Progress Bar of DOOM

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