Why Would I Want a Review?

I have read some really amazing stories on Episode with only 30 views. I’ve also read some really terrible stories with over 300,000. What makes the difference? Promotion. When I review your story, you’re getting your story promoted for free. I post about it on my Instagram. It has a permanent place on my blog. Plus, I also do author spotlights for stories that really impressed me. Basically, I’m helping you do the work in getting your story read. You should check out some of my other reviews to get a feel for what to expect.


Your story must be well edited (I can help with this too, no charge). Of course I can still review your story with typos and errors, but I may have to mention these in my review.

I need to enjoy your story. I don’t like writing bad reviews. I should also mention that just because I don’t personally like your story doesn’t mean it’s “bad” or needs to be “fixed”. If it’s just not something I’m into I’ll let you know.

You must have done R4R with me. This not only helps me verify that your story meets the first requirements, but also allows me to continue supporting the community (writing reviews takes a lot of time away from promoting my own story).

My reviews are to support new authors in unlocking payments and having their story read. If you’ve already unlocked payments you probably don’t count as “new”. I do make some exceptions so if you have unlocked payments feel free to message me on Instagram.

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